EAP needs your help!

U nastavku objavljujemo pismo Evropske akademije za pedijatriju upućeno našem Udruženju.


Dear Professor Predovic Samardzic,

Above all, we (the EAP EC ) truly appreciate your commitment as a national delegate of EAP, even in these ‘virtual’ times.

I really regret that we didn't get the chance to meet each other personally in 2020, neither in Malta, nor in Belgium. 

Even in 2021 it might be difficult, but 2022 must be the year to shine!

In addition to representing the interests of all children in need of care, providing life-long learning to paediatricians is a major focus of EAP.
And we dare to ask your help with that!

We would like to invite you to brainstorm with us about: 

1/ interesting topics, both educational and scientific, for general paediatricians
2/ fascinating speakers for these topics

For example, if you took part in a recent paediatric congress in Bosnia – Herzegovina: Select the best topics, adjust them to be relevant for a greater European audience and share them with us. 

E-mail your suggestions to me at dr.deguchtenaere@gmail.com before March 12, 2021. 

In this way we can really make EAPS 2022 (October) in Barcelona ‘our’ congress!


On behalf of  our President (Adamos) as well as Zachi and Tom (Organizing Committee)