Pismo Evropske akademije za pedijatriju

Poštovani članovi Udruženja,

U nastavku vam prenosimo pismo Evropske akademije za pedijatriju, čiji je naše Udruženje od sada punopravni član.


Dear Colleague,

We are writing this open letter to the Presidents of all national paediatric societies and all paediatric specialist societies in Europe, and hope that this will be shared with your individual members through your websites, newsletters, and similar channels of communication.

The major driver for the letter is the recent successful adoption of new Statute for the European Academy of Paediatrics. This historic document sets out what we hope is a truly pan-European basis to the EAP, encouraging national societies and specialist paediatric societies from across the wider Europe, to join together to improve the care of children, their families and the professionals who look after them.

We have also cemented the relationship between the EAP and the Paediatric Section of the UEMS (represented by the European Board of Paediatrics) and the two groups have a formal Memorandum of Understanding, making them a completely coordinated group that can address issues of training and assessment for paediatricians in all areas of practice.

We want the best possible care for our children, and the EAP/EBP will continue to work tirelessly to that end. We recognise that other groups in Europe also strive for this, and we will need support from our colleagues, starting from those in primary paediatric care, right through to highly specialised experts. We need national societies to share their experience, and help us gather data to inform Brussels, and other national leaders, about the most important issues facing children and adolescents.

We are sure that this expanded EAP, with EU and non-EU members, and with experts from every area of paediatric care working in the community and at the hospital, will rise to the challenges that face us, and that together we can improve the health of our children, and our children’s children over the coming years.

On behalf of the EAP Executive Committee,

Best wishes,

Adamos Hadjipanayis
European Academy of Paediatrics

Stefano del Torso
Executive Director
European Academy of Paediatrics

Rob Ross Russell
Chair, European Board of Paediatrics
European Academy of Paediatrics

Ann de Guchtenaere
Secretary General
European Academy of Paediatrics